3d静态版focus on the development, production, and sales of briquetting machine, high-pressure grinding rolls, etc.

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high-pressure briquetting machine

High-Pressure Briquetting Machine

the raw materials can be pressed well, the proportion of the compact is high, and the strength of the pressed agglomerates is high.

high-pressure grinding rolls

High-Pressure Grinding Rolls

using a high-pressure roller mill in the process of the grinding system can increase the production efficiency of the entire system by 20% to 30%.

horizontal strong continuous crusher

Horizontal Strong Continuous Mixer

3d静态版continuous mixer means that different materials are continuously input into the equipment according to the set ratio.

compound crusher

Compound Crusher

3d静态版compound crusher is a high efficient and energy-saving new product developed by our company.

screening typed double teeth-roller crusher

Screening Typed Double Teeth-Roller Crusher

3d静态版the graded double-toothed roller crusher is a new concept of graded crusher developed by our company on the basis of imported similar product technology.

Jaw Crusher

PE, PEX, PET and PEY series of jaw crushers are widely applied in mine, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservation and chemical industry.

Why choose our Briquetting Machine?

After sales service

guarantee to provide users with good pre-sales and after-sales service, to introduce the product performance and use requirements before the order, provide relevant information, and be a good user.

Technical Training

3d静态版technical training for users’ needs, quality tracking and user access for key users, timely improvement of product performance according to user needs, and continuous improvement of product quality.


the product is indeed a product quality problem during the “three guarantees” period, and strictly fulfills the liability for compensation as stipulated in the contract.

Accessories offer

3d静态版accessories and consumables for the product are offered at an ex-factory price.

Problem response

3d静态版after receiving the user’s request to solve the problem notification of the product in use, the company made an initial response within 1 hour.

Installation guide

if you need technical services, we will send professional and technical personnel to participate in the unpacking acceptance and guide the installation work.

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